Thai-riffic food (Chan Dara, Los Angeles)

I haven’t written in a few days but Ive been thinking about some of my favorite restaurants and this is one of them. Chan Dara’s food is outstanding! What I get when I go there is this eggplant dish called Thai Basil Eggplant and if you like eggplant, it is incredible. I do ask that they make it without fish oil. There is also a really scrumptious dish that I like which is a noodle dish called Pad See-Eaw. The reason why it is so good is it is different from other kinds of noodles and tastes really great and the sauce is really good. There is also a really amazing green bean dish that is sautéed in a garlic sauce. But before you eat all of this yummy food, you should try the Saigon spring rolls. These are not to miss!





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