Make your way to M.A.K.E. (Santa Monica)





This past weekend I went to M.A.K.E. I know this might seem funny but this fancy restaurant is in the middle of a food court in a mall. I got dressed up because I saw it was a nice restaurant and I even wore a tie. I’m glad I did because the food was very good and it was really worth going there. The service was great and the presentation of the food was so excellent I would say it was the best food presentation in a restaurant I’ve ever been to. For my first course I ordered the cheese plate and it had gluten free crackers and three different kinds of cheese. I also had some kimchi dumplings – one of the best items on the menu. Then for my main course I had the tacos with guacamole, chipotle cream, radishes and carrots. Then I had kelp noodles in a black pepper cashew cream sauce. Again, this is another one of the best items on the menu. Finally, for dessert I had a chocolate chip cookie, pistachio nougat bar and some vegan ice cream. This is an exceptional restaurant to go to and I will definitely be going back again.



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