Am I crazy about burritos or what?


This is the first time we went to this restaurant, Baja Buds, for lunch. But I have been there many times before for dinner. They have Mexican food there. I know I write about Mexican food a lot because I love Mexican food more than gold. The food was pretty good. Baja Buds is ranked right in the middle of all the burrito restaurants I go to. I do like that it doesn’t take very long to get the food because I don’t like waiting. And I like the way it is decorated there because I like benches more than individual seats and they have booths there.

I’d like to tell you the rankings because I write a lot about burrito restaurants and I want to tell you the best order. So this is how I would rank them:

El Cholo #1
Baja Buds #2
Poquito Mas #3
Kay n Dave’s #4

I will end my post now by saying Happy New Year and now I want to go watch the football game.

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