This book is rockin’!



I tried something new for dinner tonight: enchilada casserole. My mom got the recipe from a book that my doctor gave to me. He wrote the book with another lady. The book is called Mayim’s Vegan Table. Dr. Jay, my doctor, signed the book for me and it made me feel like I was famous because he gave it to me because I have this blog. He knows I like to write and eat!

The book is pretty cool because it has all these categories you could choose different foods from. The first thing I asked my mom to make was quinoa burgers. As it turned out, those were pretty good. The next thing she made was the casserole. The casserole was a thumbs up also. My mom changed the recipe a little and added sweet potato. The rest of the recipe she followed and overall I was happy with it.

I will say, when I saw it I didn’t think it even looked like a casserole but it was called enchilada casserole so I guess it was. You can also check my pictures again to see if it looks like a casserole to you. I do recommend the book and I’m excited to try more recipes – especially the breakfast burrito. I will let you know how that turns out. So check out the book and I hope you like it!

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