Some great karma for me!



Yesterday I went to my basketball game. It was my last game of the season and we got crushed by 22 points. Stop laughing! So I got my second trophy of my life at the end of the game. We also had pizza and Rice Krispie treats for a celebration for the end of the season. After the game we went straight to a play – Peter Pan. I didn’t think it was that good though. Then we went to a park and then to dinner. We went to a restaurant called Karma in Valencia, an Indian food restaurant. This is the first restaurant that I’ve reviewed in a long time that has great service, food and atmosphere. I’m excited to tell you about it.

First, when we got there they acted like I was a real celebrity because I had a basketball trophy. It made me feel good. The service was good throughout the entire meal. They even helped us pick some things off the menu.

I was very gloomy because I thought when the food got there it wasn’t going to be hot because that seems to be happening a lot lately. But it was hot and it was great. I liked how many choices they had that were gluten free. We ordered a tofu curry, vegetable biryani, chick peas, dal, and we tried an okra dish. A lot of it was spicy but they can make it mild too. My favorite dish was the tofu curry.

This is the fanciest restaurant I’ve been to. They had a lot of sculptures and these beautiful paintings that I really liked. And so did my mom, dad and my brother and my grandmother. You can check out some of my photos here. I loved the music also. It was really Indian-ish. The music sounded like it was from India and it made me feel relaxed. You really won’t be disappointed if you try this place!




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  • Papa Wohl
    March 9, 2014 10:39 am

    Glad to see that the great meal + the trophy minimized the crushing BB loss. That’s good! The trophy is forever yours as is the memory of the great meal—the BB loss will be totally forgotten next season when you crush THEM by 23! Love, Papa and Gamma

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