Am I coming back to this restaurant? Definitely!




On Friday night I went to a Thai restaurant called Satdha, in Santa Monica. It’s completely vegan and had lots of gluten free options. When we got there the waitress came over and brought our water. I told her that I had this blog and she immediately asked me if I wanted to meet the owner. I said “yes” and she brought her over to meet me. We talked about how many countries are reading my blog (43) and how she started her restaurant. She started it four months ago, exactly. She had worked in another restaurant before opening her own and she was vegan for about 7 years and vegetarian for 14 or 15 years.

If you are reading this right now, you must go here, because once I tell you about the food you will be jumping out of your seat. There were a lot of choices on the menu and I loved the food. They brought us kale chips to start. Then we had Endive lettuce cups which I thought were great. Then we had a snap pea Thai salad. I thought it was so good and my family thought it was one of the best salads they had ever had. For our entree we shared a curry dish, a Chinese broccoli (which I thought was weird because it was a Thai restaurant) and a dish with rice, mushrooms and some other vegetables for dipping in a mild sauce. I really liked them because they had a lot of vegetables and my mom is always talking about eating a balanced diet and I hadn’t had enough vegetables that day. And when I tasted them it was all really UNBELIEVABLE. Each dish had a very different taste and I liked it because each one had a different texture and flavor.


It’s really nice to find a vegan restaurant that I’m really satisfied at and I will be going back again! Oh boy, I can’t wait to try some new things.

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