So Delicious Sunday

My review today is about something that is a good source of calcium: I’m reviewing So Delicious brand coconut milk. We usually use it for breakfast – in pancakes, in cereal and those kinds of things. But today my mom just gave it to me as a glass of milk. You can see the ingredients in the photo and that there is a lot of vitamin B12. B12 is good for vegans and vegetarians.

Of course my mom didn’t just give me milk for breakfast. She gave me a plate with grapes, bananas, strawberries and blueberries and a piece of toast in the middle. It looked SO DELICIOUS – do you get it?!


This breakfast gave me good energy to do this post which I need because I’m going hiking today which is excellent exercise. But first I’m going to be lazy and watch the French Open. Sometimes it’s good to have a lazy Sunday to watch TV.

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  • Jeremy
    June 1, 2014 10:33 am

    A lazy Sunday watching the French Open sounds like a great idea! Next year we should spend that lazy Sunday in Paris!
    Love, Dad

    • maxeatslife
      June 1, 2014 7:18 pm

      And next year we can have a lazy Sunday in Brazil for the Olympics!

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