No way, Kreation Cafe!


Today I’m reviewing Kreation Cafe in Santa Monica on Montana Avenue. When we first got there, I looked around. I thought it was very, very interesting because, at the table, instead of the usual water cups they gave us glass jars to drink from. I also noticed that the wall was actually a living wall. A living wall is a wall that has things growing out of it. This wall had plants, grasses and flowers. Some of it even looked like coral reef. There was also a huge, long table. I guess it is for if you had a lot of people and it is also like a community table like I wrote about in another post on Real Food Daily.


In my first picture you will have seen some bruschetta. That’s what we ordered for an appetizer. When it first got to our table, the bread looked like gluten bread because it looked so different than what I’m used to. I’m more used to Udi’s brand (which I reviewed in my granola post, you might remember). But this was a gluten free baguette and it was pretty good. Me, my brother and my mom all enjoyed it. Every time we finished a piece we got another one, added the tomatoes and gobbled it down in our mouths!

Me and my brother both ordered something called Persian Version tacos which are tortillas filled with grilled vegetables. On the side was a cucumber salad made with Persian cucumbers and black bean salsa with corn. To be honest, I didn’t think my tacos were the best tacos I ever had. I did really like the tortillas though. If you want to see a picture, here is a photo:


My mom had a kale quinoa salad. I asked my mom if she liked it and she said it was “decent.” That means it was not great but not bad.


We all thought the service was disappointing. They didn’t come check on us and ask if everything was okay. This was problem because we needed some things and they didn’t come. Plus it was a small restaurant and hardly anyone else there and they hardly talked to us. We asked for a spoon, he said he would get it and never got it for us! My brother needed it to eat his food and had to wait for a long time until my mom asked yet again for a spoon!

If you really like to be alone and really like vegetables and don’t mind waiting, I think this might be a good place for you. But people who don’t like waiting and need some company, I would recommend you try some place else.

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