An improvement that I have to share


I’ve reviewed this restaurant already but I decided I really needed to review it again because I think it has dramatically improved. The restaurant is Kay n Dave’s in Brentwood. The first time I went there I titled it “Just okay n Dave’s.” I have been thinking that the restaurant got better but also that maybe my review wasn’t that fair.

When we first get there, I always look up at the chalk board that I have there. They usually have a question of the day that we try to figure out. A few times ago they asked us the question “what was the first subway built in?” We all were guessing…”Was it London?” “Was it New York?” Then my brother asked the waiter if it was London and he said that my brother was correct! It was the first time any of my family members had gotten the problem right.

Our dinner started with some chips and salsa. I have been noticing the last few times that the salsa has been getting more and more spicy. I wonder why that is. I do like that it has been getting more spicy because, you may not know, I like spicy-ness. After chips and salsa, we got our food. We ordered two plates of rice, two plates of beans, and a cup of guacamole and a pile of tortillas. From this we make our own burritos. First, we put the tortilla on the plate and then put a scoop of rice, a scoop of beans and then a plippity plop of guacamole on top. Sometimes, my brother orders some chopped onion and cilantro as a garnish on top.


And then we eat!

I also want to mention the atmosphere which is pretty good. The Kay n Dave’s logo is up on the wall and it kind of looks like a weird man. If you go to Kay n Dave’s you may see that my brother did a picture just like it that they hung up on the wall. For all of these reasons I have changed my mind and do recommend Kay n Dave’s.


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