Mexican food strikes again!


Today I’m writing my post to you from Santa Barbara, where I started my blog last summer. That’s one year ago and so far I have almost 10,000 views, visitors from 70 countries, 189 comments and 96 notifications. The best thing is that I have made almost 70 posts! And now I am about to add to that by posting about fiesta food.

The Fiesta here is a celebration about the old spanish days of Santa Barbara. So, of course they had Mexican food! Yummy, yummy, my favorite! As you can see in the picture above, it says firefighters. That’s because the money we paid for the food went to the firefighters for all the hard work they do. That’s funny because a few days ago we watched a movie called Planes 2 (which I honestly didn’t like) and that film was in honor of firefighters too.


I ordered some chips and guacamole which was really great and I was so hungry for it. I ate chips, then guacamole, then more chips and more guacamole. Boy, being a blogger sure gives you an appetite! And then peeking in at the side of the photo is something my brother ordered. It is a watermelon slushie. I didn’t really like it but my brother scarfed it down his mouth! All the ingredients for the watermelon slushie were organic which is something not commonly found at a fair.

After we ate our food, me and my brother got tickets for a roller coaster ride. This was my sixth or seventh time on a roller coaster but was my brother’s first. My parents were cheering for him after he got off the roller coaster. After that, my brother went on a carousel ride and then we all got tickets for a slide ride. It was really high. My mother was scared to go on it. But me and my brother and my dad went on it and we slid down the hill, no problem!

It is very hard to find good things to eat at a fair because I’m a gluten free kid and we also try to eat organic and healthy food but we were able to find it at this Fiesta. I recommend this Fiesta. It might be too late for this year but think about it for next year if you haven’t already been there.

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