Are you feeling well?


Today, I’m reviewing a tea that I had never heard of before. The brand is Oshala Farm and the tea looked just beautiful! It is called Be Well tea. It had all different colors in it and even had some flowers. Look at the photo, it is very pretty:


I’m a boy who drinks a lot of tea. Not many other kids do. I have tea a lot because my mother and brother (which rhymes) also love tea. Sometimes me and my mom have tea and a chat. One time, we went to a coffee place and had tea and chocolate and we played monopoly. I’m not sure what kind of tea that was but it tasted very yummy and the whole day was special.

This tea – the Be Well tea – tasted kind of like chamomile tea, only it tasted a little bit sweeter. The ingredients look like they would make you feel better. Take a look:


I really enjoyed this tea because it was very sweet and although I said in some other posts that I don’t like a lot of sweetness, I do like sweetness in teas. It is going to be winter soon so I recommend you get this tea so you will be prepared if you get sick!


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  • veganrunnernerd
    October 10, 2014 8:03 am

    I love tea, too! And I also believe that tea can make you better if you are sick. Whenever my friends or family members aren’t feeling well, I always recommend that they drink tea! 🙂

    • maxeatslife
      October 11, 2014 6:49 am

      You should try the Be Well tea! My mom usually gives me tea if I’m sick also. Thanks for commenting – I appreciate it!

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