Enjoy plenty of Plentils!

I haven’t been writing for a while because I have been very busy and because my mom’s phone was lost and she needs that for pictures for the blog. I’ve been so busy going to school and with appointments after school and playing a lot of sports. So I’m very sorry if I haven’t been writing a lot but I’m planning on doing more posts this weekend. Now that I’ve explained what I’ve been up to there is something I want to tell you about.


My mom got this new product called Plentils from Enjoy Life. I have eaten a lot of other food from this brand and it is a very safe food brand if you have allergies because all of their food is gluten free and even dairy and nut free for people who have those allergies too.

The Plentils were a big hit with all of my family. The ones we tried were Garlic and Parmesan flavor. My mom, my aunt and my uncle especially loved the Plentils. The texture was very bumpy in some parts and smooth in others. Since there were a lot of little bumps it was also very crunchy.



This is a very good snack food to take to school, to the airport or even to parks because it is easy to pack up and bring. Also, the ingredients were much healthier than other chips and stuff because they are made from lentils and they are not fried.



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  • michelle guerrie
    November 7, 2014 11:54 am

    Thanks, Max! I just demoed their chocolate chip cookies yesterday and most really liked them. I thought they were good, for a store-bought cookie. I am now going to try the Plentils, because of your recommendation!

    • maxeatslife
      November 8, 2014 6:29 am

      I have had the enjoy life cookies, too and I love them because I like cookies!

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