Feelin Groovy? Go get a smoothie!


Yesterday I went to a park at 18th and Dolores with my cousin and my brother. I thought it was kind of a bust. There weren’t too many fun things in my opinion. But many other kids thought that was a pretty fun park. It was possible I was just in a bad mood. Me and my dad took out the football and threw it across the grass. But, surprisingly, I didn’t have fun with that either because it was too muddy. And my hands were covered in mud by the time it was to eat lunch. And I couldn’t even get my hands cleaned because there was no water in the water fountain. I was CRANKY!!!

After lunch we decided to go to a smoothie place and cool off because it had gotten really hot. We walked down to a juice bar called BeBeBar on 18th and Church St. in San Francisco. As soon as we got inside I immediately looked up at the board for choices. But before I could decide the owner told us which one was the most popular with kids. It sounded good so me, my brother and my cousin all got the same one. It was called the Chloe and had almond milk, banana, strawberry and agave.


My mom had an Acai bowl with Acai, banana, kale and coconut water. My mom thought it was ok. She liked it but it was too cold for her and it hurt her teeth! So she and my dad traded.


All the fruit and vegetables in this restaurant are organic. That’s the part my mom loved about it the best. I thought that was good too. When food is not organic they use pesticides which is chemicals. And we do not want chemicals in our bodies. So, I recommend this as a good smoothie place to go after a tiring day but I don’t recommend that park.

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  • Dad
    December 24, 2014 8:10 pm

    Great review Max! I ordered the Sandiya smoothie and it was very good. Had peanut butter, oatmeal and almond milk in it which was great protein after walking up and down all the hills of San Francisco and playing football. I also liked your mom’s acai bowl, but also thought it was quite cold for my teeth!

    • maxeatslife
      December 26, 2014 7:26 am

      Too cold for me too!

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