Too good to imagine: these smoothies made my day!

The story I am going to tell to you today is about NW Raw in Ashland, Oregon. We had just played in a park a few blocks away and were hot from playing tennis and being in the sun so we decided to get smoothies to refresh ourselves. Finally we came upon this incredible place!

2015-06-17 16.24.12

When you first walk in there are tree trunks hanging from the ceiling. I thought it would be fun to bang one against the other so I did that. Check it out and you will see what I mean:

2015-06-17 16.24.37

As we got to the counter to order I looked up at the menu and I REALLY wanted the Power Slide. The power slide had coconut milk, cacao nibs, banana, cacao powder, vanilla and maple syrup. My mom had the Bunny Hill and my dad had the Summit. They were much healthier than the Power Slide. But the Power Slide out rated the others. I also thought it was cool because the counter was made of logs.

2015-06-17 16.25.10

The Power Slide tasted like a real dessert. It was smooth and chocolatey. Another reason I like it is because every single ingredient there is organic. And the colors were really beautiful. The Power Slide turned out brown because of all the cacao and the Summit was green and the Bunny Hill was pink. Here is how it looked all together. Beautiful, right?

2015-06-17 16.31.32
It’s really hard to find a place that is beautiful, tasty, artsy and healthy. But NW Raw meets those characteristics and even more!

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  • Lawanda
    March 10, 2017 12:23 am

    Really cute, your sous-chef and apprentice are absolutely lovely.Delicious and great noodle dish prtteneasion.Very creative too.Wishing you a happy Sunday ♥

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