Thai yumminess…

If you have been following me, you know I enjoyed my trip to Ashland.  And my friend Michelle was so nice that we wanted to thank her and took her out to dinner on the last night of our trip.  The restaurant we went to was called Thai Pepper.  As soon as we walked in I was so excited because there was a tv…but we had to sit downstairs where there was NO TV.  I couldn’t believe it because the college baseball World Series was on and I wasn’t going to get to watch it.  The issue of televisions in restaurants is one that keeps coming up between me and my mom.  It is very hard to concentrate on the conversation at the table because the tv just draws my eyes toward it.  No matter what I do I can’t look away.  Which makes my mom feel frustrated.  Anyway, at Thai Pepper it wasn’t an issue since we went downstairs.  And the restaurant also has a third area you can sit in. If you call ahead of time and can get a reservation the best place to sit at this restaurant is outside where you can sit right by a creek.  We made our reservation too late but you should try for a table outside.

creekside dining

We started with appetizers.  Of course, do you think we would have started with dessert?  We shared a Cucumber Salad with mango chutney and also had the Spicy Lemongrass Soup.  We started with the soup and most of us thought it was a little too salty and we began to wonder how this experience was going to be.  But then the salad came out and that was a hit with most everyone, especially my brother who loved the mango chutney.



For our main meal we had Yellow Country Curry, Pad Thai with tofu, Cashew Vegetables and Broccoli with Tofu.  My parents thought this was one of the best thai restaurants we had gone to.  I thought it was really good too – as good as my favorite thai restaurant in Los Angeles.  At dinner time we all had a conversation about which part of the dinner was our favorite.  Mine was the pad thai and that was Michelle’s favorite too.  My mom loved the broccoli and that was my second favorite.  My dad liked the pad thai and the curry and my brother chose the salad and the mixed vegetables because he loved the sauce.  In fact, he drizzled that sauce all over his other food!

curry vegetable

pad thai

mixed veggies

broccoli with tofu

I probably ate about 7 dinners worth of food.  I kept asking for more, eating almost every tofu in the broccoli dish and at least half of the pad thai.  I don’t even remember the other things I ate because I just kept piling it up and up on my plate.  By the time we walked out I felt like I needed something to hold my tummy up because it was so heavy.  There are only two words I can say about this restaurant.  They are: GO HERE!

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  • michelle guerrie
    June 28, 2015 6:27 pm

    I am counting the minutes until I can go back to Thai Pepper and have that Pad Thai. It is the best I have ever had!

    • maxeatslife
      June 28, 2015 7:53 pm

      My mom thinks that is her favorite Pad Thai. And she has had a lot of pad thai in her life.

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