Samosa House Spice Town

When I got picked up from science camp today my mom said that we were going to go to a gluten free bakery to pick up some bagels. I saw some super yummy cakes and finally coaxed my mom into getting a slice for later. We then went for dinner at Samosa House. When we got there we noticed that it was raining so we grabbed our things and ran inside.  Even though it was kind of dark outside the Samosa House colors still shine through.  There are beautiful sculptures in the wall and it looked cool against the yellow. 

 This is a place where you go up and order at the counter. After looking at several different choices I finally settled on chickpeas, eggplant and jackfruit with brown rice and soup!


The food was sooooo good. As I am writing this I haven’t even tried everything but I had to tell you about it. The jackfruit was really good and so was the rice. The chickpeas were very very excellent. When you go to most Indian restaurants the chickpeas are mushed a bit but here they were perfect. 

There was music in the background. I thought some of it sounded like a ukele but it might have been been a guitar. My mom thought it was a sitar which I learned is a plucked string instrument used for Indian classical music. Anyway, I liked the music. 

You can hear the music in the video below and see what I thought of the Pappadam. 


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