GF and vegan food at the airport! No joke!

Stop.  I know you are envious right now.  I am writing this post sitting on an outside bed staring at palm trees and the ocean in the distance.  Guess what? I am in Hawaii.  There are flowers and plants all around me and a nice breeze.  I am feeling relaxed and happy.


This trip started good from the start.  As soon as we got to the airport we had our bags checked and went right through security.  You know at the airport where there is the main area with all of those seats where you wait for your plane? Instead of going there my dad had coupons for the American Airlines lounge. And what a lounge it was! They had comfortable chairs and tables, video games and they even had a kids room!  The kids room was awesome. They had building toys and computers with video games.  I played a video baseball game and a football game.  The only thing that was a big bust about this lounge was that it was not at all gluten free friendly.  Basically, there was nothing on the whole menu we could eat or wanted to eat and we had planned on having breakfast there.

But lucky for us one of my favorite restaurants, Real Food Daily, had opened a location right in the airport!   So while we were playing video games my dad picked up breakfast from RFD.

My dad got us this amazing breakfast bowl.  Inside there was potatoes, salsa, black beans, scrambled tofu, guacamole, grilled veggies and tempeh bacon.  On a scale of 1-100 this food probably ranked about a 93.  That’s how good it was.  I looked at the bowl.  There were so many colors it looked like a kaleidoscope – the red peppers, the yellow tofu, the black beans and the green guacamole looked so good.  Also, the size of the portion was huge but there is no portion too big for me!  I gobbled up every bite of it.


This Real Food Daily post is good for a lot of people because if you eat healthy or have food allergies or sensitivities the hardest thing is to find food you can eat in airports.  But now with RFD here you can have a good time eating while traveling.  So check it out in terminal 4!

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  • sangriastainedlips
    July 19, 2015 7:49 pm


    • maxeatslife
      July 19, 2015 9:00 pm

      Yum sure is right!

  • michelle guerrie
    July 21, 2015 1:25 pm

    Good to know about a healthy place to eat at the airport!

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