‘Ulu has it all!

Earlier this week we flew to Hawaii. I was really excited. And my vacation became even more exciting when we went to a restaurant called ‘Ulu. This restaurant is on the Big Island at the Four Seasons resort and is a special place.

‘Ulu is the Hawaiian word for breadfruit which is fruit that grows here in Hawaii. It is actually a superfood and is very high in protein.

One of the first things I noticed about this restaurant is that every table had an incredible view of the ocean and the sunset. The sky looked really amazing because the yellow and the orange of the sun next to the blue of the sky was beautiful. And while we were eating we could listen to the sound of the waves. I wish everyone could have this experience.

This restaurant wasn’t just a beautiful place to eat, the food was amazing. And they went out of their way to make things extra special and pay attention to offering gluten free food.

First they brought out gluten free bread. They had this delicious hummus to spread on it and olive oil on the side for dipping. I loved it so much I had four pieces.

For appetizers we ordered a vegetable roll and an heirloom tomato salad. Both were really good. The vegetable roll had nice flavors and the tomato salad had really plump, juicy tomatoes with radishes and cilantro. The tomato salad was especially beautiful because the red and yellow colors were a great combination, and in fact we noticed it was the same colors of the sunset!

While we were eating they had live music. That was a treat especially because he was playing guitar which I also play!  The music was really relaxing while we had dinner. Here is a photo of the musician playing in front of the sunset and below that is a video so you can hear how nice the music was.

Our dinner was amazing! We all got a bunch of things to share. My favorite was the pad thai. In all, we had three dishes including the pad thai, sautéed greens and stir fry.

I enjoyed every single bite.

My whole family was saying how delicious everything was and how good the service was. In fact, the manager came over to speak with us and check on us a few times during dinner. He was really nice and we had a chat about how he was from Serbia. This was cool for me because we both like the professional tennis player, Novak Djokovic. So we got to talk sports for a while. By the way, did you know that Novak Djokovic is gluten free? And he is number 1 in the world and he thinks being gluten free has helped his playing. One day, I hope I can meet Djokovic and maybe he would even find my blog interesting! He might even like to come to ‘Ulu!!!

I hope that if you come to Hawaii you will come to ‘Ulu and get the same kind of yummy food and great service I got!

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