A Relaxing Day at Bluebird Farm

On my first day in Ashland, Oregon about a month ago I went to a place called Bluebird Farm.  I’ve been wanting to tell you about it.  This place was so beautiful I could hardly believe my eyes.  They had trees and plants everywhere.  And they grow so many different kinds of produce and crops I couldn’t even decide which to go see first.

After a busy morning before even getting There, no surprise that I was very hungy.  So we found a nice orchard – actually part of the farm – to sit down and eat a picnic lunch with our friends.  We spread out blankets and had about 26 lunches. I am not kidding! We ate so much food!

My brother had brought a toy car with him.  After our picnic lunch we played in the orchard and played “knock over the pinata” using the car as a pinata.  We hung it from a tree branch and used a stick we found on the ground.  Then we played baseball using the car as the ball, trees for the bases and the stick as a bat.  Then we got tired with our full tummies and relaxed for a while.


This farm really was beautiful. I was really impressed with how much they spent working on the atmosphere.  Well, I know nature had something to do with that!  I never felt stressed out at any time.


Also, the owner was really nice and that made my experience at Bluebird Farm really great.  Check out my video to see for yourself and hear from Michele Scherer, one of the owners of the farm, about all the great things they grow here.


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