Back to School Lunches Don’t Have to be Boring!

I am dying with excitement.  This past week I was published in Rodale Wellness, a very popular website.  What I wrote about was my top 5 gluten free back-to-school lunches for kids.

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You can check out the full article here.

I gave recipes for:

  • Kale, mushroom and cheese quesadillas
  • Rice, beans and cheese with salsa as a garnish on top
  • Hummus, avocado and spinach sandwich with carrots on the side
  • Pasta with broccoli, olives and garlic
  • Tofu steak lettuce wraps with hummus and peppers

This article was good timing because most kids are back at school now.  My time at school is going well.  I like my teachers and my classmates. My favorite thing at school has been lunchtime because as I say this for the umpteenth time “I love eating!” I also like this studio we have where we build and create things.  This week we had to create an 18″ tall tower that was able to withstand the wind from a fan for two minutes.  We could only use two feet of tape, supplies we could find around the room and were not able to use wooden material.  I learned that triangles are the strongest shape in all of building.

Building and creating are the same skills you need for making recipes.  That is because making recipes you need to add a lot of things together to make a finished dish.  The five dishes I wrote about for Rodale are mouthwatering, delicious and healthy.  Check them out in my video:

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