Sandwiches for dessert? Scrumptious cookie ice cream sandwiches. Yum.

Even though it is almost winter and that is the coldest season of the year, believe it or not, in Los Angeles it is still warm out! So Saturday night we decided to have ice cream cookie sandwiches. Yep, you heard me right. Ice cream in the middle of November.

Earlier in the day I had a basketball game and I made the most points I’ve made all season. Our team won 29 to 16. I felt so happy. Making ice cream sandwiches felt kind of like a celebration.

You don’t have to win a basketball game to make these ice cream sandwiches, you could find just about anything to celebrate. You can be grateful for something every single day. For instance, having body parts that work, having a home and a bed to sleep in, having enough food and even having a brain. You can even celebrate nature.

So, I wanted to share this easy, tasty recipe with you. Go find something to celebrate and enjoy!


Gluten Free chocolate chip cookies (2 for each sandwich). (I used Enjoy Life brand)

Ice cream. (So Delicious brand makes a number of dairy free ice cream flavors. I used Cookies ‘N Cream).

Get 2 whole chocolate chip cookies per person.

Get 1 scoop of ice cream.

Smash it in the middle of 2 chocolate chip cookies but be careful not to break them!

Gobble it down and feel the gratitude!


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