This is NOT me reviewing another Mexican restaurant!

Why would you have tacos at a Californian cuisine restaurant?  As you know, I’m a HUGE fan of Mexican food.  I’ll eat anything at any place – burritos, tacos, enchiladas, and even fajitas.

On Sunday I went to Veggie Grill.


This is a restaurant with mainly Californian food.  We went to drop off my dog BAGEL (that is her name). Our grandpa was picking her up while we were going to go to Disneyland the next day since she could not come.  Of course, we also had lunch there!  Let me tell you how my experience was.

What I usually get at Veggie Grill is something that is called the Sonoran Bowl.  On Sunday, I decided to do something different and order some tacos.  On the menu they are called “Tres Fish Tacos.”  This place is called Veggie Grill, so instead of fish in the tacos, it is really a meat substitute that they use but it is also made with gluten. So, I asked them to use tempeh bacon instead.

My brother got the same thing. Each plate of tacos came with a choice of roasted vegetables or sweet potato fries.  Even though my dad told me that we would share both sides me and my brother were praying for the plate with the fries.


My dad got a Caesar salad with crushed up almonds, a ripe yellow lemon, avocado, and a bowl of jalapeños.  The lettuce was made up of both kale and romaine lettuce.


All of the presentation here is very nice.

The tacos had 2 ingredients:  lettuce and tempeh.  Although it might sound boring with just two ingredients it is actually a really good combination. The crunchy lettuce and the crunchy tempeh equaled…a crunchy taste!!!  Plus, it had a lot of variety with the veggies and the fries on the side. I was happy with this decision.


Just so you know, there are lots of locations of Veggie Grill.

So, readers, try this place out.

And one more time!  TRY THIS PLACE OUT!!!!  You won’t be sorry!

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