The most magical place on Earth?

This post is going to be a restaurant review.  But just be patient with me because in order to tell you about it, I first have to tell you about Disneyland.  Yes, on Tuesday of last week we went to Disneyland.  Now, let me tell you the story.

Last Monday we went to San Diego to be with our family.  My great Uncle Jack passed away.  He was 94 years-old and a really good person.  My dad went to his service and we all went to the gathering afterward to celebrate his life.  We talked about how it is important to celebrate life too.
On the way back home at 6:30 at night my mom and dad asked if we should be spontaneous and go to Disneyland.  She took out her iPhone, went on the internet and booked a Hotel in Anaheim and BAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!  By the time we got to the hotel it was almost 8:30 at night so we went right to sleep and the minute we got up we went downstairs for breakfast and raced to the park.

My dad and brother were quite excited.

At Disneyland the first ride I went on was the jungle cruise.

I also went on Indiana Jones and it was so beast.  We were also walking over to a car ride when we saw these Storm Troopers.   My dad took a picture.

Disneyland is the best place to find gluten free food – NOT!  It was really hard to find choices that were GF, vegetarian and healthy. We did manage to find some rice and beans but that was about it.  So, we really wanted to find a good place for dinner.

Healthy Junk was just the right place to make up for the disappointing food at Dinseyland.  This restaurant is located right in Anaheim just 8 minutes from the Disneyland parking lot.  When we pulled up I could already feel that this was going to be the place for me.  Why? Well, the sign out front said GOOD FOOD:

As we went inside, I was even more excited.  They had games out that you could take to your seat while you waited for your food.

We went up to order at the counter and ordered a big mess of food. Soup, salad, tacos, nachos, fajitas.

Yep. Of course, we listened to the sign that said this: 
Overall, this food was really good and pretty close to what I was hoping for. The nachos kicked butt over all of the other food except for the fajitas which were phenomenal.

My mom ordered the mango tango salad which she really enjoyed and my dad wolfed down the tacos. 

I have to comment on the soup. It was a special that day and was a chipotle squash soup. Holy Moly, it was spiiiiiiiicy! Check out my face in this photo.

After I ate this, I was so tired. I stumbled into the car and collapsed into my seat. I have never been this tired in my life. I even fell asleep in the car on the way home. As soon as we got home and my head hit the pillow…done. Passed out.
Going to Healthy Junk is worth the trip by itself. But if you have plans to go to Disneyland this is a great way to end your day.

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  • michelle guerrie
    December 2, 2015 11:33 am


    • maxeatslife
      December 3, 2015 8:10 am

      Yum is right!

  • Paige
    December 29, 2015 9:27 pm

    Hoping to go to Disneyland next year!!! So happy to hear they have gluten free. Disneyworld was so so accommodating of my celiac disease in the past, but ive never been to Disneyland

    • maxeatslife
      January 3, 2016 5:44 pm

      Hope you enjoy it if you go. Try Healthy Junk too!

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