Crunchy Rice Chip Holiday Fun. What AM I Talking About?!

Caramba! Today I am reviewing Lundberg Rice Chips with a side of guacamole. Mexican again! Yup. But instead I’m eating rice chips, not tortilla chips.

So, I’ve actually had these chips before. The first time I had them I thought they were amazing. You know what is funny? We adapt to things. Like the first time you go into a hot tub the water is burning hot. But after after a few minutes it doesn’t feel as hot. Or the first time you make a basket when you are playing basketball, you will not be as amazed by your next basket. By the way, I was reading about something similar in a very good book. It is called The Homework Machine. The four main characters are Brenton, Sam, Judy and Kelsey. Sam’s last name is Dawkins. And that, spelled backwards, is snikwad. So everybody calls him Snik. Anyway, Brenton created a homework machine that did everyone’s homework for them. So Snik, Judy and Kelsey kept going over to Brenton’s house to get their homework done. Brenton is a genius. For fun, Snik and Brenton keep playing chess but by the end of the summer they get tired with it. Maybe they adapted to it like my examples above. I mean, they still like chess but it isn’t as exciting as the first time. You gotta read that book.

The chips are kind of like all of these examples. They were still tasty but now that I have had them before the goodness wasn’t such a shock to me. You can almost taste the goodness just from the photo.

Also, these chips are way better for you than a lot of other chips. What I really appreciate is that a ton of things are organic. And there are 2g of protein.

So the ingredients plus the taste equals a big reaction from me. Watch this video.

So, basically if you eat this don’t be surprised if you cry. They would be tears of joy that you have a bag of rice chips and guacamole. Yes, that is what I said. Try these and let me know what you think and also share any good book recommendations for reading over vacation!

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