Have you ever had a breakfast waffle sandwich? I just had one on Saturday morning. It is really awesome. You only need 3 ingredients: almond butter, sliced banana and 2 toasted up waffles.

I am going to tell you how to make this super easy yummy breakfast at the end of this post. But you may notice from the photos that I am spending more time trying to make my plates look nice. Look at how good this looks.

Let me tell you why I am doing this.

Every Friday night we have family tv night and we watch a cooking show together. At the moment we are watching Chopped Junior and those kids are judged on presentation as part of their score. To make their plates look nice they add a lot of colors and garnishes. They also wipe the edge of the plate so there is no mess. So I have been thinking about these things too. You eat with your eyes as well as your mouth.

The kids on Chopped Junior must be so hungry when they can’t eat the food they are making because it is for the judges. But in my case, I don’t have any judges and I am allowed to eat my own food. And that is what I did with this waffle sandwich.

I loved the taste of the combined banana and nut butter and the waffle crunch added a nice munch. This is different from eating waffles with syrup because it is less soggy and is more filling. Also it mixes more flavors together and that makes my taste buds happy.

Try this! It is easy, tasty and could even be good on the go!


2 Gluten free toaster waffles

Almond butter

1 Banana


1. Pop your waffles into the toaster

2. Take the banana and slice it up into rounds

3. Lay some of the sliced bananas on one of the waffles

4. Spread almond butter on the other waffle

5. Put it together like a sandwich and eat if you are in a rush or plate it nicely if you are not

6. For good presentation put the sandwich in the middle of your plate. Take the other banana slices and if you have some, add sliced strawberries and put it on the side. Last but not least, go get some herbs like mint and add it to the plate for color


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  • cookiesnchem
    January 22, 2016 6:45 am

    Wow! This is such a simple and cute recipe. I am so jealous of your photography skills and recipe-creating abilities πŸ™‚ This looks absolutely divine and something that I could devour in minutes. Almond butter is definitely one of my top three favourite foods, and I can’t go a day without it. This recipe looks like something that will help me make that quota, haha! I’m so glad I discovered your blog and will definitely be back for more delicious recipes and awesome photos. Hope to see more nut-butter goodness! Happy Friday πŸ™‚

    • maxeatslife
      January 23, 2016 7:30 am

      Thank you so much! The photos were actually taken by my younger brother! He turns 7 soon! What is your favorite nut-butter recipe?

      • cookiesnchem
        January 23, 2016 1:15 pm

        He’s so talented! πŸ™‚
        My favourite thing to do with nut butter is have a big blob in the middle of my oatmeal, where it melts and becomes super delicious.

        • maxeatslife
          January 23, 2016 1:47 pm

          I will try that oatmeal recipe this week and let you know how it tastes. It sounds so good and maybe I will even turn it into a recipe and thank you!

          • cookiesnchem
            January 23, 2016 3:23 pm

            Oh yes it’s absolutely divine! I think you will love it πŸ™‚

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