Almond Butter Oatmeal: just two ingredients to rock your morning

I got an unbelievably, absolutely incredible idea from my reader, Cindy. In case you are wondering why I am using such descriptive words, well, let me start from the beginning. At my school, every Friday we have a play that either a class or a group of classes or people from outside of the school perform. During our play this week we taught about grammar. Our class spoke about Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, and Conjunctions. So I know a lot of descriptive words and have
adjectives on my brain!  We used the schoolhouse rocks songs. My mom remembers those songs from when she was a kid, do you? That means those songs have been around for a long time.

So, back to my blog now! Do you remember a couple of weeks ago I wrote a post sharing my recipe for a breakfast waffle sandwich? Well, Cindy who blogs over at commented on my post and we had an exchange where she shared this amazing idea. It involves oatmeal. And almond butter. So if you eat oatmeal like I do, this simple trick can make your oatmeal ten times better. It’s also a protein whammy! So check out this easy almond butter oatmeal recipe and enjoy! Thanks Cindy!




Almond Butter

(Yep, that’s it!)

This is so easy you won’t believe it.


Make oatmeal according to the directions on your package.  We use Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free and we like the steel cut oats. So, here we used 1 C. of oats and 3 C. water.  Simmer until done.

Pour the steaming hot oatmeal into a bowl and immediately top it with a big blob of almond butter.  Recently we tried a brand called Maisie Jane’s which is nice and smooth.

You can put a blob in the middle like I enjoy and let it start to melt or you can swirl it all around like my brother likes.

Either way you are going to want to just tackle that bowl and let this oatmeal rock your mind.  It is warm, tasty and full of good protein to start your day. Yum.

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