If you like waffles, you will love these

More waffle discussion? Yup. And it is just as good as the last time I talked about waffles. If you missed my waffle breakfast sandwich post you may want to check that out too but today I am reviewing Nature’s Path Buckwheat Waffles. Nature’s Path makes all kinds of products, cereal, cookies, etc. They even make different flavors of waffles. I have always been wanting to try the Dark Chocolate Chip, but so far mom and dad haven’t bought those. But I still love Buckwheat.
 A lot of people think buckwheat has gluten in it but they are just confused because the word has “wheat” in it. Buckwheat is actually a gluten free grain.

One other thing I like about Nature’s Path is that it has been verified by the Non GMO Project. The Non GMO Project recognizes companies that choose to make their food without GMO ingredients. In case you don’t know what GMO stands for it is Genetically Modified Organisms. You can go to www.nongmoproject.org to learn more about why we should be concerned about GMOs. I met this organization last year when I went to Shiftcon and I am glad they are trying to help companies make the best choices.

So back to the food. I usually top my waffle with butter or syrup, but today I had both. The plate of waffles looked so beautiful and scrumptious, I wish I could have had so much more!

 I thought the butter and the syrup made a really creamy and sugary taste and I loved the bits of blueberries in the waffles that gave a sweet kick. The outside was very crispy and the inside was soft. This is the way we like to toast our waffles at home. Honestly, I wanted another one. They were just so incredibly delicious.

Bonus – these waffles are made with almost all organic ingredients. Check out the ingredient list. They put a star by every ingredient that is organic. This might make you as relieved as me that such tasty food isn’t being ruined by horrible pesticides!

Writing about organic food, by the way, makes me think about our garden. In L.A. there has been whacky weather. We had a stretch of days right in the middle of February where it was 90 degrees. That means our garden is already exploding with new things growing and popping out of the ground. Yes! New fresh produce is on it’s way. I know this doesn’t have anything to do with waffles but I like talking about other things sometimes too. And both waffles and an exploding garden are just simply good ways to start your day!

2016 02 16 Garden Pic2016 02 16 Garden Pic 32016 02 16 Garden Pic 2

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  • Paige
    February 17, 2016 4:00 pm

    I will have to try these! I usually eat Vanns gluten free waffles, but want to try new brands too 🙂

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