Nachos to the Max

This week my brother and dad went to Colorado to go skiing. It was their first time ever trying the sport, and it turns out that my brother is a natural. On his first time he went down the blue runs which is basically like intermediate level skiing. Meanwhile, me and my mom had a “staycation” which is a vacation, only you stay at home. We do lots of fun things, like especially watch movies and eat ice cream sandwiches. We watched the original Karate Kid which I thought was the same story as the remake which I had seen last summer. But I still liked the movie.

It made me think about how two weeks ago I wrote about being teased and how that made me feel. In this movie, this boy got teased and bullied and even beaten up. But I think having hurt feelings can hurt as much as a hurt body – maybe even more. At the end of the movie the bully guy realizes he was wrong and he respects the karate kid. So it ended on a good note at least.

The best part of my staycation though was having a giant plate of nachos for dinner one night. That’s right, you heard me right. Take a look at this photo:

These nachos were awesome. And guess what? You will get the recipe.

The finished dish looked so incredible. The ingredients were all ingredients I enjoyed. The colors on the plate looked beautiful and it was piled up like a mountain of yum. I am nominating it the meal of the year. I know talking about it is making you so hungry, so let us get to the recipe. I almost said “I don’t think I can eat all this.” But of course I did. Check out my reaction when I tried it:



This is one of those recipes where you can add as much or as little of any ingredient below or even make substitutions. Here is what we do:

Gluten Free corn tortilla chips

Cooked black beans

Cheese (We use Daiya vegan cheese shreds)




Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

While the oven is preheating get your ingredients ready and spread the tortilla chips out on a plate. You can use yellow or blue corn and even mix it up if you want.

In a baking dish spread cooked black beans out evenly. It should be a layer about 1 inch thick.

Top the beans with shredded cheese sprinkled generously and pop it into the oven for about 10 minutes.

Remove from oven when cheese is melted and with a big spoon scoop bean and cheese mix onto your tortilla chips. Try to keep the cheese part on the top because it looks better!

Then top with guacamole right in the middle.

Finish with some salsa drizzled on top and eat!

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