This past weekend I went to the BNP Paribas open.  That is a famous tennis tournament in Indian Wells, California which is near Palm Springs.  So I was thinking that a lot of the sports places I go to do not have that many healthy and tasty foods.  My favorite things are sports and food so if I could have both together that would be a sweet moment for me.  So back to tennis.  I really appreciated the tournament because they tried to make food that everyone could try and enjoy like vegetable sushi and potato chips.  I gobbled down six mini plates of both in 1 day!!!!  So part of that was healthy and part of that wasn’t healthy but it was definitely tasty.

2016 03 13 BNP Paribas Open 3

Other sports venues I go to are way less healthy and many of them don’t have much for me to even choose from. One of the only things I can eat are veggie dogs and even then it is hard to find a gluten free bun.  Honestly, sometimes we even have to bring our own buns with us to these events.  So I appreciated that this place gave me great choices. Go, Indian wells!  Plus I got to meet great tennis players.  And guess what? Quiz time!  I will share 5 pictures of some tennis players I’ve met and if you know who they are, leave me a comment with your guesses.  Ready. And go!

2016 03 14 Bernard Tomic

2016 03 15 BNP post

2016 03 12 Tomas Berdych

2016 03 15 John Isner

2016 03 15 Milos Raonic

Can you guess who they are?

So here’s what I wish sporting venues would do for the fans who have special diets and spend money coming to these games and matches:

I wish there were 2 tables of GF pastries.  Cupcakes, cookies, cake, ice cream, you name it.

There could be an appetizer stand with hummus and crackers, chips and guacamole and salsa, and organic lemonade and apple juice and water.

There would be an organic vegetable and fruit stand containing watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes and oranges and apples and carrots and peas and corn and snap peas.

The main course would be almost unimaginable, with vegetarian sandwiches and pretzels on the side, soup, salad, quesadillas, and pasta and a huge burrito table with two jars of olives. All gluten free.


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