The Ultimate Cookie. Seriously.

A child’s dream. You can eat it by itself. You can make ice cream sandwiches with it. And you can even use it for refreshments for a show. Do you know what I am talking about? Chocolate chip cookies. Today I am reviewing Bob’s Red Mill Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix.

Bob’s Red Mill makes lots of different foods, including the steel cut oats that I reviewed a little while ago. I love that post because that was the post that attracted the most people and my biggest day of views: 2,494.

Anyway, we made these cookies with our babysitter and they were incredible. It is really easy to make these, and they only take about eighteen minutes.  Quick, easy, yummy, tasty, uhhh, there are too many adjectives to describe these wonderful treats. In the middle of making them, my grandfather arrived, and I took a quick break. After the cookies were done, me and brother and my grandfather had the cookies.

Halt! Before I tell you what they tasted like, I bet you were wondering what my grandpa’s name is. His real name is Charlie, but I call him Bop. The story goes, when I was little and I was at a park near his house. I was only about 2 years old. Try to remember that. I was learning to talk, and he asked me what his name was. I couldn’t call him grandpa, so I ended up stammering “Ba” and then somehow it turned into “Bop” which made him laugh. Of course, when he laughed I started doing it more but on purpose. My mom said, if he is Bop, then what is grandma’s name? I came up with something that rhymed, and that was Mop. The names stuck. So from then on whenever I saw them, their names became Mop and Bop. And then when my brother was born and he was able to talk he started calling them that too! And we still do.

Okay. So you want to know what the cookie tasted like. In these cookies, the chocolate chips really stood out. It created a nice sweet and creamy flavor. We made them a little thin so the cookies were very fragile, and breakable, so we had to be careful. Me and my brother raced in to the bathroom to wash our hands to see who could get to the counter first and pick their cookie first. I won. Woo-hoo! I picked a gigantic, triple size cookie.  To be honest, I stuffed my face so full of cookie that I did not really think about all the specifics of the taste that much.  Just that it was really, really good.  Exactly what I hoped it would be.  You will have to trust me on this one!

Fast forward 48 hours. Me and my brother were doing a show for Mom and Dad. We were showing them our legos and what we do with the legos is we make completely custom lego palaces. We make cars and trucks and couches and beds and food and tables and chairs and video game trucks and 2 story guest houses and everything. We were having Mom and Dad do a dance, and we were having refreshments. We decided on Almonds, Water, Pretzels, and the CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES. So good. So, next time you want a treat, or you are putting on a show, you may want to try Bob’s Red Mill Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. Yum.

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