Everything bagels with major yum

Udi’s is a great brand that I love to eat. They make different types of breakfast foods that I eat all the time. They make Vanilla Granola and other comfort foods that you will go crazy over.

Today I really want to talk about their bagels. I eat these all the time and I love them. My brother always likes to have a cashew cream cheese on his, but I’m not much of a cream cheese guy. Usually I will choose between almond butter and just regular butter – or one of each so I get some protein. And they don’t take long to make. That is my favorite part. When I wake up in the morning I usually do not want pancakes or oatmeal or any dish that takes over fifteen minutes to cook. The bagels take a maximum of five minutes and most of that time is just waiting for them in the toaster. It is a really great food for a school day because it is really quick in the morning so you are not rushing.

Usually when we have bagels we have them as the main part of the meal, you know, like two halves of a bagel and then a piece of fruit on the side. But, over the last few weeks, they have made the bagels a LOT smaller. Although they’ve put 5 bagels in the bag, we have to have three halves now instead of two. And then there is only two bagels left in the bag, so you can only have two halves the next time. But a positive about these being smaller is that they are the perfect size to go with a tofu or egg scramble when the bagel is more of a side part of the meal.

Anyway, today I ate it with a scramble and Mexican Melon. Mexican Melon is kind of like a mix between cantaloupe and honeydew. The outside is green but the insides are orange like a cantaloupe. But then when you taste it, it tastes more like a honeydew! So weird!

It was a really enjoyable breakfast and I thought the combination of the fruit and the bagel was a good one. The texture of the bagel is soft but if you overcook it, or actually over toast it, they have some crunchy parts hanging off the side. There are different flavors of bagels, too. I had the Everything flavor, but there are other flavors we get like Plain and Cinnamon Raisin. These bagels are lip-smacking good.  I love these, and I think you will, too.

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  • michelle guerrie
    May 31, 2016 2:43 pm

    Those bagels sure looked good.

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