There are a ton of great games happening right now. The NBA finals are going on with a rematch of the Cavaliers and the Warriors, with LeBron James and Stephan Curry, and they are aided by Kyrie Irving for Cleveland and the winner of this year’s NBA All Star 3 point shooting contest for GSW. They are going at it hot, with Shaun Livingston backing down in the post against Kevin Love or Richard Jefferson fighting around screens to lob the basketball to either LBJ or Tristan Thompson for a dunk or making a nifty reverse lay-up for himself.

In Baseball, Mike Trout and the Angels are struggling to stay at 500. while the Cubs and the Giants are comfortably resting while they are leading their division easily. The Mets and the Royals try to stay at the top of their division and keep their World Series Return hopes alive. Clayton Kershaw and the LA Dodgers with Puig and Adrian Gonzalez are playing great, and if they keep it up, a playoff spot will be for them.

NHL Hockey is going at it too, with the San Jose Sharks and the Pittsburgh Penguins battling for the Stanley Cup Final. Copa America, a soccer tournament is being held in Los Angeles at the Rose Bowl for USA fans to attend.

Of course you can’t just watch the game. You have to get snacks with the game too. And something in a bowl is best, so you can get into a comfy bed or couch and you don’t spill it all over the place. Some of the snacks I like to eat are trail mix, Plentils, macaroons, coconut chips, or carrots and hummus.

The Trail Mix that my momma usually makes has raisins, cashews, and pretzels. We were out of pretzels so this time she mixed in two kinds of nuts.  Which was good because this past weekend my grandpa was here and he is crazy about nuts.

Plentils are kind of like healthier chips. My favorite type of macaroon is vanilla maple flavored and and I don’t know how many I could eat in a day.

I enjoy coconut chips too and that, by the way, is one of the products that I got from ShiftCon. Carrots and hummus are just regular everyday snacks that I eat all the time! But it is good to add something a little healthier too the menu too!

Of course, if you are the kind of person who eats and believes that snacks are orange drinks and Doritos and Lays and Coke and cupcakes and ice cream, then make sure you check out my blog for some healthier snack ideas too! To get you started you could check out some more great snack ideas like these ones that I wrote about for tortilla chips and salsa or rice chips with guacamole and if your game is at dinner time these recipes for stuffed potato skins or nachos would be great ideas to chow down on while rooting for your favorite team.

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