Fresh Disappointment

Hi guys! Today you’ll be excited because there is a Star Wars reference in this review. Every weekend night we have family movie night. We go in order from youngest to oldest with who gets to pick the movie. This weekend happened to be my brother’s choice. He had read all of the Harry Potter books but had never watched the movies and since there is a library next to my mom’s office they were able to check out the first movie. But when it came time for movie night Henry did not want to watch Harry Potter anymore. There is only one rule for family movie night: you have to choose something that no one will be scared of. Mom thought she was going to be scared of Star Wars, Attack of the Clones which was Henry’s new choice, but then she was willing to go for it. So Episode ll it was.


Of course, we also needed to eat. But no one wanted to go out of the house and get food or make it so we ordered Uber Eats. Uber Eats is somewhat like Uber only instead of driving you around it drives food to you. You can get an app for Uber Eats and then any place in your area can deliver you your food. It amazes me how advanced technology is today because I think 50 years ago they didn’t even have TVs!
We decided to get food from a place called Fresh Corn Grill. I got a bowl of rice, grilled vegetables, and tofu. Sounded good.


When Yoda was talking to the young Jedi trainers we paused to have some food. We set the table and sat down to have some grub. And do you know what? It was not good. There wasn’t enough rice, the tofu was too dry, and there were too many grilled vegetables. Also the portion size was way too big. My brother didn’t enjoy the food either. One thing that seemed like it was going to be good was all the sauces to choose from but at the end of the day, only one sauce didn’t have gluten in it. Really disappointing. I wound up ordering that sauce but it wasn’t my favorite either, so that didn’t really jazz it up at all.


To be fair I should say that we ordered from this place because my mom has been there before and really likes their salad. She ordered that same salad again for dinner and had the same reaction of liking it. But we just really had different experiences with our food I guess.


So, my advice to you is that when you are scrolling down the list on Uber Eats or walking around town deciding where to go, you may want to keep looking. However, my mom likes this place so the best I can say is to eat at your own risk!

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