The Better Jinky’s Cafe

Do you remember when I did a review on the Jinky’s in Sherman Oaks, which I titled “The Long Wait at Jinky’s Cafe?”  That experience was indeed a long wait.  We were kept outside the restaurant for almost an hour!  While that might not seem like a long wait for an adult if you’re going to a fancy restaurant or something, because you’ve done it a lot, at least you have some really boring adult things to talk about!  But for a kid, I was bored out of my pants.


Well, there is another Jinky’s is in Agoura Hills.  We’ve been to this one before, only we had breakfast instead of dinner.   My grandparents and aunt go to this one all the time and they love it.  So we decided to go to here with my grandparents.  Mop and Bop is what I call ’em but that’s another story that I told in a past post.  If you just started following me recently and you haven’t read the post, you can read that story here where I talked about it while discussing the ultimate chocolate chip cookie.  Anyway, the good news was that this Jinky’s did not have a long wait.  In fact, we walked right in and sat down.

My dad had the chili and my mom had the mung beans and rice.  They both liked what they had and even though I didn’t try them they both looked good.  My grandma had a salad and it had beets in it which she loves.  I didn’t try that either but it looked really colorful and tasty.




My brother had the Vegan Mexican Fiesta Bowl but he left out the vegan chicken because it wasn’t actually gluten free.  What I ordered was not really on the menu.  I took some tortillas from another dish and also had the Mexican Fiesta bowl but instead I just put it into the tortillas.  I also left the vegan chicken out and substituted guacamole in for some zucchini.  I was really proud of myself for making something that I would love.  If you have ever done what I did because of your allergies, please share those experiences with me.


When the food came, it was presented really well.  I thought it looked like someone on a food show presented it.  The food itself looked absolutely delicious.  As soon as the food came, I was ready to dig in.  I scooped the guacamole that was in a side bowl and put a small helping of it on each mini-taco.  It also came with a side of fruit.  The guacamole was really creamy and went well with the crunchy taste of the Fiesta Mix.  The smoothness of the tortilla topped it off and it was a delightful dish!

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