This restaurant is so good I could hip hop on over again and again

Do you know what a perfect meal is?  A perfect meal to me is one that you enjoy every aspect of the meal from the way it looks to the way it tastes. And I think I may just have found the perfect meal. 
Last weekend we had a three day weekend and we decided to go away for a short trip.  We went to Ojai, California.  Ojai is between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara but you turn towards the mountains instead of staying by the ocean. 
While we were there, I wanted to visit a couple of restaurants that had food that fit my dietary restrictions. Hip Vegan was one of those places and it definitely exceeded my expectations. 
Every single thing on the menu was vegan, obviously, and a lot of things could be gluten free.  I finally decided on Casa Burrito but in a bowl instead of a tortilla.  The bowl had lettuce on the bottom, layered with brown rice, black beans, cashew sour cream, pico de gallo, guacamole, and sprinkled with dairy free cheese.  It sounded so delicious my tummy was rumbling like a big boulder.  
My mom ordered the Indonesian Wrap which was gluten free and had tempeh, veggies, lettuce, and mint in a rice wrap with peanut coconut dip. It also came with a side salad. 
We each shared a little of our food and all we  could talk about was how good the food was and we could hear other people around us murmuring the same thing. So my dish really was the perfect meal because it had a bunch of ingredients that went really well together and also went really well with my tummy.  I liked the pico de gallo which was was just the right chunkiness and juiciness at the same time and the cheese melted on top of the beans had my tastes buds doing the dab. In case you don’t know, the dab is what football player Cam Newton does when he scores a touchdown. 
The coconut dip on my mom’s Indonesian wrap added a good pop to her meal. And I learned when speaking to the owner that this is one of the most popular dishes at the restaurant. 
This restaurant has a big menu and at lunchtime on a Saturday was quite busy, but we found a table and sat down.  At Hip Vegan you can sit inside or outside and we sat down outside where it was shady but with a light breeze. There is a little patio with picnic tables near the entrance and some tables in the back as well. 
To be honest, before the meal I was really cranky and not fun to be around but after the meal I was the best company you could ever have. Now that is a perfect meal!

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  • Joel Drucker
    October 12, 2016 8:25 am

    Max — This restaurant sounds fantastic. Lots of choices and delicious. Thanks for the tasty writeup.

    • Max
      October 23, 2016 11:48 am

      You are welcome! The food was sooooo good I am still thinking about it!

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