Do you know what “sopes” are?  Well, in this post, you’ll find out.  One thing I can say is that they are a dish from Mexico.  
On a recent vacation to Ojai, we went to a restaurant called Farmer and the Cook. The story goes, the farmer and the cook met at a farmer’s market when the cook was buying vegetables.  The cook, the lady, remembers saying to the farmer “Wouldn’t it be cool to have a restaurant on a farm?”  But, they were both married at the time so they went their separate ways.  About a decade later, they ran into each other at a different farmer’s market, while buying squash.  Only this time, they were both divorced.  They fell in love♥️and started a restaurant on a farm.  It took 9 whole years before they made any money!  
When we heard about this restaurant we were really excited.  The restaurant was going to host my family for dinner.  I was really happy because I learned that on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday they have a pizza grill in addition to their typical Mexican menu.  I couldn’t decide whether I wanted pizza or Mexican. I finally decided that I would choose Mexican (and try someone else’s pizza!) and I ordered the sopes, which I had never had before. 
Sopes look different, very different, from the way a lot of other Mexican food that I have eaten looks.  It is a thick corn tortilla that is made of masa and squished into the shape of a flat bowl.  It is filled with refried beans up to the rim with avocados on the top.  A little sprinkle of pico de gallo topped the whole thing off.  It was super delicious because this thick masa tortilla was a great combination with the beans, avocado and the pico which added a juicy flavor.  
My brother got vegan quesadillas which were made with cashew cheese, my dad got Huarache and my mom got the pizza with gluten free crust, vegan cheese roasted peppers, mushrooms and garlic.   Everyone was waiting with anticipation for their food which looked so good when it arrived!
I loved this restaurant so much I wanted to come back the next night!  And so we did.  And I got the exact same thing – that is how much I loved these sopes.  Now me and my mom are on an adventure to find a recipe and see if we can make sopes at home too.  I’m so glad I got to go to this restaurant and try something new that I loved so much.  I will definitely go back next time I am in Ojai.

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