My absolute most favorite snack food. Ever.

Did you like olives when you were a kid? Well, I don’t like olives.  I absolutely love them. On pasta and pizza, or just plain in a bowl for a snack, I am satisfied with olives in my tummy no matter what they’re with. I always find it weird however, how some people don’t like olives.  I can’t believe a person wouldn’t like olives.  I just can’t understand it.  Of course, you know how much I  don’t like sun-dried tomatoes, so….guess I can’t complain.


I was in the middle of thinking about what I wanted to review for my blog when I got hungry.  And I decided to dig into a snack.  Then I realized I was eating what I could review: Organic Divina Olives.  One thing to note here; the serving size is 3 olives How can anyone eat just 3 olives?  It says that one serving has 170 milligrams of sodium which is 7% of what you are supposed to have in one day.  That means because I had 9 olives, that I got 21% of my sodium in this one snack.  But it is worth it because they are delicious.  And other than the sodium, they really do not have bad stuff in them.  No sugar, one gram of total carbohydrate, and only two gram of fat.  So besides the sodium, these are a really healthy snack too.

My mom scooped out the olives and put them into a little bowl.  As she got them ready, I knew I would get some but how many?  I usually eat seven or eight olives.  This time, I ate nine!  It wasn’t too much though.  Nothing related too eating food is ever too much for me.  As I mention a lot, I am an eating machine. 


As soon as I took a bite, I didn’t chew.  I waited about three seconds so my taste buds would be able to savor the taste.  Then I started chewing.  The flavor spread around my mouth, like a wave crashing onto a shore.  Then I swallowed it and chomped on the next one, letting my mouth do the rest.

Very happy.



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