Supersnacks that will make you very happy

I have to tell you about some seriously good snacks.  Get ready for Figgy Apple Cinnamon Fruit Pops.  

The only other cake-like pop I’ve had in my life was actually called Cake Pops.  We ate them at school on Pajama Day.  Everybody else’s was wheat and mine was Gluten Free.  I loved it. We also watched a movie that day too.  The rule at our school is you are allowed to show your kids a movie on Pajama Day, but it has to have something to do with your curriculum. One of my teachers, Louise, said she wished there was a Disney movie or something that had to do with oil, because that is what our main focus in Social Studies was, and my other teacher McKendree, said she knew a movie about that.  So we ended up watching Free Willy 2. It was a super fun day, and the cake pops were delicious.  

However, these fruit pops I’m about to tell you about surpassed those cake pops as much as a Cheetah would do to a snake  in an 100 yard dash.  Or 100 yard slither.

My favorite desserts aren’t usually fruit ones.  I particularly enjoy ice cream and cupcakes, but fruit just doesn’t fall into my favorite dessert category.  Maybe it is because I eat a lot of fruit during the day.  Or because other things are just more appealing to me than fruit for dessert.  Anyway, I totally changed my perspective today. 

The brand of these snacks is Made In Nature.  We eat a lot of things from them, like especially the dried fruit. The Figgy pops are very filling but your tongue wants more. There are a lot of different fruits and seeds, and they all incorporate in different ways.  They are about half the size of a golf ball.

The taste was fabulous.  There was a massive blast of flavor.  Or immense.  Or colossal.  There is a sweet pop! at the beginning it slowly subdues throughout your chewing.  Then at the end it feels like someone dumped a Niagara Falls worth of spices in your mouth.  I ate 4!  

These snacks are good for a little energy snack when you are tired or something sweet to fill your tummy up.  They aren’t desserts, but they are a good snack to pop in your mouth so you have enough energy for the rest of the day.  And they are organic. Nice!

Even if you are not a fruit fan, I suggest stopping at the store to pick some of these up for a quick bite. Be sure to get an entire bag; you’ll be stuffing your mouth all the way home!

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  • Pamela J Kingsley
    May 3, 2017 7:11 am

    Not a “fig fan,” but I may have to reconsider after seeing these Figgy Pops!

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