ProBar is a serious protein bar

I’ve reviewed lots of bars before and today I’m technically reviewing a bar but the size is more like a meal. A ProBar is really big – you would have to split it in half for it to be a snack size and, plus, the bar is really filling. But I eat a lot and a good large bar that is so big is perfect for me.  

On the go, ProBars are perfect.  If you and your friend or sibling want something to tide you over until you get home but you don’t want a huge snack, split this in half and Bingo! you have a solution.  Another idea is that it could be noon or something and you could eat that entire thing like an appetizer before lunch and then when you get home you can have lunch to round things out. 

The flavor I’m reviewing is Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip.  There are different flavors of the ProBar too, like Superfood Blueberry.   But this flavor of the ProBar has 10 grams of protein, 8% RDA of calcium and 15% RDA of iron.  

The bar is great tasting too.  There is a sweet and rich taste and the taste of the chocolate chips made my eyes bulge right out of their sockets. As soon as I finished the bar my eyelids were cranked back 180 degrees if you can imagine this because the bar was absolutely outstanding and if you could see my expression you would see this.

Right after I ate the bar I went to go play soccer with my dad and brother.  It is a great energy bar because I ended up scoring 2 goals and making some good passes.  Who knows?  Maybe it was the protein in the bar.  It could’ve been the iron too.  Whatever it was I just know I had good energy on top of the good taste from earlier in the day.

If you are at a store and you are interested in buying these, then you must head to the protein and granola bar section.  I know you can find these at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.  If you want a good tasting and filling bar with enough protein to carry you through the day I think you’ll be happy with these gluten free, dairy free, packed with energy bars.

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