DiDio’s Italian Ice – the right way to kick off the summer

DiDio’s Italian Ice is up on my list of top eats that I’ve reviewed.  It’s absolutely superior.  Today you’ll get a chance to hear how good it is.  And after this, if you’re a kid, you’ll be begging your parents to let you eat here 21 meals week – well, maybe that’s a bit excessive.  But you’ll want to eat here a lot.  If you’re an adult – you should also try it.  Absolutely incredible.

This past Sunday it was so hot during the day that I thought an Italian Ice would feel good to my body.  And we decided to go to DiDio’s in Santa Monica on Montana Avenue.  But all of the sudden, it became super cold and I was shivering.  Thanks to my mom, who thought it was going to be hot, I ended up wearing sunscreen and a T-shirt in 60 degree weather. Arrgh!!  

My mom suggested going for a tea instead, but I wouldn’t let up.  I would have gone through far worse trouble than the cold and fog to get Italian Ice.  Still, I had goose bumps on my arms as we walked into the shop.

There are a bunch of flavors. I love that all of the Italian Ice choices are gluten free and dairy free.  I can have anything I want in terms of choosing my flavor here!

My mom told me she usually gets either Vanilla Chip or Chocolate.  She ordered half and half.  I got the same.  So did my brother.  My dad, however, had Blood Orange and Cherry flavor.  

Everything was so good!

Mmmm! The vanilla flavor was super creamy and I just absolutely loved it.  There were chocolate chips thrown in here and there in the vanilla chip portion. When I had finished the vanilla, I moved on to the chocolate.  It was creamy, just like the vanilla, and it was rich, and will probably be the dessert I will eat several times this summer.  I also had about seven brain freezes.  It was freezing cold, just as I like it.

This was also great because we got to go there with the whole family, including our dogs. It was Fathers Day and I was pumped.  

As you can see, the Italian Ice did not disappoint.

It’s summer break – I am so happy+ecstatic.  My school gets out late, on June 16th, but we get back after Labor Day.  I will definitely be going here several times in the next few months while it is hot and I don’t need to be anywhere or doing homework!

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