The Daily Harvest … up in hot, hot, hot Newhall, CA


Talk about hot?  112% Fahrenheit.  That’s how it hot was when I went up to Canyon Country last Thursday.   Scorching.  Burning.  You could go as far as saying I felt like I was on the face of the sun.  But there’s one thing that is a mysterious cure for hot days.  Cold air-conditioned rooms!  I figured that if there was one magical combo to avoid the heat it was going to be cold air-conditioned rooms and delicious food.  Mm-mm!

The Daily Harvest is a breakfast place in Newhall, some 45 minutes from Santa Monica, where I live.  They have GF and DF(gluten free and dairy free) options there including gluten free pancakes, egg dishes and other Mexican types of breakfasts.  By the time, me, my dad, and my brother got there, we were starved.

My brother and my dad decided to share two different dishes, but I wanted my own.  My dad and my brother decided to get the breakfast in a bowl and churro style pancakes.   I decided to get banana walnut pancakes.  My brother and I also wanted to share a piece of their recommended zucchini bread, so we got a piece.  After ordering the food, there were some decisions to be made.  Who wanted what based on how good the food was.

What a breakfast it was!   Delicious food throughout.  The zucchini bread was spectacular.  The bread was perfect, the sweet was not too sweet.  I ate mine really fast, but when I looked over at my brother’s plate, it looked like somebody had washed it.  I couldn’t see a crumb.  The pancakes were super moist inside which was a surprise.  I thought my few spoonful tastes of the bowl were amazing too.  All in all, it was one of the best breakfasts I have had in a really long time.

If you live in Canyon Country, and you haven’t been to this restaurant before, you are missing out.  If you live anywhere else and you haven’t been here this is definitely worth coming.  Except you might want to wait til it cools off a bit.  


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