Cooling off with good food and Grandma

Usually, when I think of Mexican food, I think of places I go very frequently.  Today I am going to tell you about a different restaurant that will soon be added to my list. 

Agave Maria’s in Camarillo, California is the name of the restaurant.  To tell you the truth, it sounded nothing like a Mexican restaurant when I first heard of it.  To me, it sounds more like a hearty American breakfast place although I’m not sure why.  That’s just what was in my brain I guess. While it is not a pure gluten free and dairy free place a lot of the things on their menu are gluten free and dairy free and they are also willing to work with you to get you what you want or need.  They also have a breakfast menu as well as lunch and dinner.

So, my brother plays soccer.  He loves soccer and this year, my brother made the All Star Extra team for U-9 in AYSO soccer.  His first tournament was Labor Day weekend. It was in Camarillo.  There were 4 games in two days and it was really, really hot out. My grandmother also lives in Camarillo so we decided to meet her for lunch at Agave Maria’s and also get some cool air conditioning before the hot day out on a field. We were also able to enjoy the colorful things they have at this restaurant from statues to a real running train that goes around the edge of the restaurant.

Agave Maria’s is about three minutes away from my grandmothers house, if that.  I’ve been there when I stay up there sometimes for some 1 on 1 time with them.  I really like going there by myself because I get all the attention and I watch Jeopardy with my grandma which I like a lot.  I’m great at the sports questions but sometimes the other trivia questions are about things that happened way before I was even born.  But I still like this show a lot and even taught myself how to play the theme song on the guitar.  


When we got to Agave Maria’s, we sat down with my grandmother and ordered.  I ordered the make your own breakfast burrito with rice, beans, guacamole and eggs.  I also asked for breakfast potatoes on the side.  The whole burrito was wrapped up in a corn tortilla.  When I order something at a restaurant and it has something main and a side, I always have the side first.  Today it was the potatoes.  They were spectacular.  I could have eaten these potatoes any time or any day or every single day they were so incredibly amazing.  The burrito had the perfect flavor too. Big thumbs up.

My mom wasn’t that hungry so she just had a salad but she ordered some grilled veggies to go on top.  She enjoyed her food too and my grandma and brother were also happy.  My mom made a comment about how sometimes when you get grilled veggies they cook them too much and they aren’t crunchy any more.  But these were just right.  I don’t always talk about the service but I should with Agave Maria’s because they are really nice here and they went out of their way to accommodate us and check in on us.  I appreciated that.  We’ll definitely come here again and I can recommend this to you too.

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  • Pam
    September 20, 2017 9:01 am

    So glad you wrote this! I’m going to print out a copy and bring it to them. Good food and great service from everyone there!

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