A Dodger weekend worth stuffing myself over

Today I am going to be reviewing a cuisine I have not reviewed too often – Chinese food. To me, Chinese food is kind of like Thai or Asian food because no matter which one of these cuisines you choose your stomach grows a lot because of the types of food like noodles and rice. And of course I like noodles and rice and really I don’t mind my stomach being stuffed either.

So, the Chinese restaurant I’m reviewing today is called Chin Chin.  This restaurant has quite a few locations throughout Los Angeles and, I learned, they also have a location in Las Vegas! I have never been to Las Vegas but I am looking forward to going one day.

So Chin Chin is not specifically a vegetarian or gluten free restaurant but they do have gluten free and vegetarian choices.  My grandpa from New York came to visit this past weekend and he got here in time for dinner on Friday night.  He loves Chinese food.  And he also loves baseball and he was kind enough to get us tickets to NLCS game 1. Kershaw against Quintana. And it was an amazing game and my family had a great time going together.  And then I got invited by a friend to game 2 so it became a serious Dodger weekend for me making this past weekend a great experience all around for baseball and food.

You are probably wondering what I ordered from Chin Chin.  Well, I ordered spring rolls, rice noodles, vegetable fried rice and stir fried green beans.  Me, my brother, and mom all shared it while my grandpa was focused on his soup.

The food was pretty good. It wasn’t my all-time favorite but I enjoyed it well enough.  My favorite dish was the green beans, but it was pretty close with the spring rolls.  They had a spicy kick at the end and the green beans were a sweet crunch. 

Don’t take anything away from the noodles and the rice, though. Both the noodles and the rice and vegetables in them, but the rice also had tofu.  I was glad to see that I could find a number of choices and also a restaurant that had things that my grandpa wanted to order as well.  It was delivered pretty quickly and we also had leftovers which is a bonus in my opinion.  

If you are looking for big portions of Chinese food and locations around Los Angeles or delivery to eat from your home you might want to consider Chin Chin.  While it isn’t in my top 10 it is worth keeping on your list of options especially when you want a full stomach and leftovers!


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