Be kind to yourself with this peanut butter granola

The World Series is going on right now, it is a best of 7 series between our Los Angeles Dodgers and the Houston Astros.  As I’m writing this, the Astros are leading us 3-2 in the best of 7 series, but the next two games are at Dodger Stadium, which is our home ballpark, so we have an advantage.  Game 6 is Halloween and Game 7 is Wednesday night.  If we win it will be our first World Series in 29 years!

Watching all these games are keeping me up late.  I need meals to keep me going.  One of those meals is breakfast.   Breakfast foods go a long way for me.  I enjoy eating breakfast foods and having a variety of different ones to choose from.  Cereal and bagels and pancakes and waffles and oatmeal and veggie sausage.  I eat a lot of food for breakfast.  Right now I am leaning a lot toward cereal because I really like this “Kind” brand. They make bars and granola.  I like their bars, but I just absolutely love the granola.  They have different flavors, and sometimes I eat the Maple Clusters one, but the one I am reviewing today has a totally completely different flavor.  Peanut butter is a very strong flavor; one that can hang on your taste buds and in your mouth forever.

When we get the Kind cereal I always ask my mom to get more of it for me than just one bag.  I always polish them off so quickly.  This time, she listened to me and bought three bags.  Already after 2 days, I have eaten almost a bag.  I usually have dairy free milk in it, but sometimes I just eat it out of the bag.  My brother and dad eat it that way too.  

The ingredients are really good.  They are not exactly the healthiest ingredients in the history I the world, but they are not that bad.  Plus, they taste outstanding.  There is a lot of peanut butter in this and oats, too.  Calcium and Vitamin B are also a good part of this cereal.  You can’t forget about the iron too.  There is thirteen percent in it.  You should be aware, there is a good amount of sugar in it. 5g is a little bit of sugar, but a lot in a breakfast before I am about go to school.    

The taste is really good. There is a big peanut butter kick at the end of the bite you take.  There is a sweet taste until you get to the kick.  It has a crunchy texture with bits of nuts and it gets evened out by the smooth and silky milk when you eat it that way.  It is a delicious breakfast granola and I love eating it.  You should definitely try it.

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  • Pam Kingsley
    November 2, 2017 8:05 am

    I have to take exception to Kind calling this granola. It seems “candy bar bits” might be more apropos! Nonetheless, the delicious flavors are undeniable! Thanks for reminding me how tasty vegan can be!

    • Max
      November 11, 2017 9:08 am

      It is very delicious and I enjoy it and, yes, it is as good as candy bar bits.

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