Sweet potato crackers are on my go to list now


Today I tried a delicious new cracker I have to share with you.  These are actually sweet potato crackers and my mom got them at Costco.  You might think a sweet potato cracker would taste a lot like a sweet potato but really that’s not true.  I mean, you can taste the sweet potato but it’s not exactly like eating a sweet potato.  While this cracker is the color of a sweet potato it has many other different flavors and qualities that make it advance to stardom while other crackers hit the ground.

Of course, the cracker has to come from a brand.  That brand is the RW Garcia brand.  It is a brand I have never tried but I was interested to try for the first time.  I liked that on the box it said that it was family owned and it was Non GMO Project Verified.  I was also a fan of the fact that the box was huge.  I know that is the case with almost everything you get at Costco but when it comes to food that usually makes me pretty happy.

So, listen up.  These crackers are really good.  They are crispy but have an unusual flavor.  Like I said, you get the flavor of he sweet potato but so much more too. These are made with flaxseed, sesame and chia seeds.  Absolutely delicious with a tang at the end for your taste buds to savor.  I could enjoy these crackers many different ways.  I could see having these dipped in something like hummus or crumbled in a soup or just plain out of the box.  

I have been thinking about crackers actually.  Crackers are interesting snack foods.  There are some foods when you eat them they always taste the same but in a good way. If you like that first bite you will like the tenth bite just as much.  There are other types of food where the flavor seems to change on you.  You eat your first bite – like a bite of risotto – and the then by your tenth bite it may not taste as good as it did when you ate it for your first bite. With these crackers you are good to go. You will love the first one and I bet you will have trouble putting them down!


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