My Experience at Shiftcon 2018

ShiftCon!  The blogger conference I have been looking forward to all year was finally here, and this blog post is going to tell you all about it.  The one two years ago was my very first ShiftCon, and there was a SWAP room, where all the companies dropped off the extra stuff they had, because they did not want to lug it back to wherever they came from.  We got almost so much free food from the SWAP room like tons of vitamins. Wow! Of course, I didn’t think this year’s ShiftCon would live up to those expectations.  But it was been absolutely amazing.

This year, we made a plan to stay in the hotel, because we were tired of driving back to the house every night last time.  When we checked into the hotel, it was Friday morning.  First, we looked at the sponsor sheet.  And boy, were there a lot of great companies with amazing food. I am going to give you a rating system.  These were my top two favorite stands.  There was Coconut Bliss, which is a dairy free ice cream place.  I ate two ice cream sandwiches from their booth at the conference. Free to Eat had another great stand at the conference and I appreciated their gift to me, which was four boxes of gluten free and vegan cookies.  My favorite were the oatmeal raisin cookies.


Honorable mention goes to three companies.  Betsy’s Best, which makes different kinds of nut and seed butters, Health-Ade kombucha, which is a type of drink, and the button station, in which you made your own pin to wedge into your shirt.  I am not saying the rest of the companies were not good.  They were great, it is just that these other companies got my top honors this year.  Like, in the NBA, (of course I used a sports reference) LeBron James is tops of all the players in the NBA, but the other players are still incredible too.  

I also have to give a shout out to some of the brands that provided snacks like Forager which had cashew milk drinks and yogurt that I scooped up a few times during the conference. And the food in general was good and I was especially happy on the last day that there was a taco bar for lunch!  All of this kept me going while I listened to the speakers and learned a lot!


ShiftCon is really great.  It will never compare to that first year for me which was my first experience like that and which is a story I will be telling until I draw my last breaths on earth, but this year was really fun too.  I very much look forward to next year’s ShiftCon!

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