This Chocolate Bar Will Save You From the Monday Blues

Mondays can be glummer than glum, and everybody knows that.  Going back to school and back to work is terrible after a couple days off. This past Monday was particularly gloomy and after ten minutes of social studies, I felt like I could give up anything for a nap and lunch.  But then I had to drag through the rest of social studies, nod off about twelve times during math, and I almost screamed as I finished up language arts.  I had a good time at recess, lunch, snack and P.E, but other than that yesterday was a total drag.

One thing I absolutely love about Mondays is that it seems easier to cheer you up on Mondays. When I got home my mom was already there, which put me in a better mood.  Then I did my screen time, ate mashed potatoes and vegan cheese (which balanced out the carrots I had at lunch) and chips and salsa, and learned we were having sweet corn cauliflower quesadillas for dinner.  My Monday had become a little bit better.  So I pulled out a chocolate flavored granola bar and began to eat it. As a big smile spread across my face, I sighed as the impeccable taste exploded in my mouth.  Yum!  This bar is made by Pamela’s brand. They are called Whenever Bars and this one was the Oat Double Chocolate flavor. That was a good bar.

Pamela’s brand is a brand that makes lots of different gluten free treats like cake mix we use for birthdays, the frosting we put on top of those cakes, and now these delicious oat chocolate bars. Pamela’s has been a big part of my life even without the bars and now I discovered something new to add to my life. I crunched down on the delicious brown moisture with great satisfaction. This had turned into a good Monday (which is something I never thought I would say).  Chocolate is not my favorite flavor.  In fact, I really am not a big chocolate fan but this bar is just absolutely ridiculous.  It is the best chocolate I have ever tasted, other than when I went to the Ghiradelli chocolate factory, which was chocolate at a whole other level.

This chocolate bar is so gooooooooooood, and anybody who has an idea of what good chocolate tastes like will be blown away by this incredible chocolate bar to put in your mouth.  You can get it at grocery stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joes and lots of other places.  Believe me, you will be happy you got it.

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