I’m sorry if this makes you jealous

Sunday! The end of the week! Good things happen on Sundays, I am sure of that, but this past Sunday was absolutely incredible.  The Vegan Food Fair LA took place in North Hollywood last weekend.  There were over 150 tents and trucks and the fair was filled with vegan and plenty of gluten free food. A lot of people who were either vegan or vegetarian roamed these three streets, while feasting and drinking delicious food from some of the best restaurants and companies.  I had six different things from these food venders, and thoroughly enjoyed all of them.

I’m excited to tell you about this fair.  It was my first time going but it won’t be my last.  When we arrived there we found parking (luckily only about five or six blocks away and I’m not being sarcastic because the fair was packed). We went to go wait in line at a big tent to get our premium pass which allowed us to wait in a shorter line at the food stations.  I was excited to have been given a premium pass to attend the fair.  While we were waiting in line, my brother got us a big, fat order of GF garlic fries to tide us over before we started our real fine eating. They were super tasty with a ping of parsley at the end.  We got to the end of line, got checked in, and off we went.               

We decided that we would each get to choose a tent to go to.  I chose first and I selected a tent that was serving Mexican.  They were selling tamales and this was my second course.  Me and my brother tried a vegan cheese one while my mom ordered a mushroom one.  They were good and the cheese soothed my aching hungry tummy. Then it was my brother’s turn, and for my third course we ate these incredible dream pops.  I had vanilla, and my brother and mom ate chocolate flavored. This vegan ice cream stick was amazing with a sweet taste and delicate texture.  Yum!

My mom made the best choice of all.  She chose the papusa place. I didn’t know it then, but I could have waited in line for hours and hours for this bean and cheese papusa.  As I crunched down on this delicious piece out of heaven, I had come to believe that this was probably the best thing I’d ever eaten.  With the beans filing my soul and the cheese circulating throughout my entire body, it filled with a warmness I had never felt before.  My brother left half of his papusa, not because he didn’t like it, because he wanted to save room for more dessert.  I gladly scooped it up and shoveled the remaining heaven into my mouth. It was my favorite thing I had at the food fair. 

Next, we had dessert.  We went over to a tent that was serving mini and filled cupcakes.  My mom got a chocolate raspberry filled mini cupcake.  My brother chose a carmalized banana mini cupcake with a gob of chocolate on the top.  And finally, I ordered a little mint chip vanilla cupcake. “These were so great”, I said as I sighed with satisfaction.

Finally, last, we got cake pops from a tent with a company called Karma Baker.  These were delicious as well.  My mom was happy that the desserts were kind of bite sized because she can be kind of strict about sugary stuff but she knew this was a special occasion.  Still she talked about how we were all going to have a super healthy dinner.  But as we walked back to the car, I found myself thinking that I wasn’t even sure that I would have room for dinner.  This delicious food fair had answered my Sunday with a pow!

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