Spring means ice cream. And this place means business.

Hi guys, last weekend in LA was so hot!  With the sun burning down on Santa Monica, we thought ice cream would be a good treat for the weekend.  As it turned out, I was correct.  Sometimes on Sundays my grandfather comes down from Camarillo to spend the day with us.  This Sunday he came down after my guitar lesson and we played some on the trampoline, then played cards, and ate lunch, and then went down to the gas station to cash in our scratch tickets where we won nada.  It was then we went to Sweet Rose.

Sweet Rose is an ice cream shop over in the Brentwood Country Mart.  They have lots of choices including dairy free options like chocolate, vanilla, blood orange and strawberry rhubarb.  My favorite is the dairy free vanilla coconut flavor – it is really good.  My brother got two different flavors which were the chocolate and the strawberry rhubarb.  My grandpa got the vanilla coconut like me only he put it in a cone.  Sweet Rose is one of my favorite shops in the country mart.  Actually, the other shops I love are next to the the country mart, like Kay N’ Daves, Le Pain Quotidien, and A Votre Sante.  All restaurants of course.  We go to these places quite often, and for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  So my impression of the country mart is quite good.  

Except for one thing.  The haircut place.  I honestly can’t blame it on the haircut place itself, mostly it is on the person who cut my hair there.  We told them before I started that I had sensitive skin, but the used the sharp razor anyway and hurt my neck twice.  That was pretty bad, but when my brother went back to get his haircut taken, they buzzed his neck too.  So we abandoned the place and decided to find a different place.

Anyway, back to Sweet Rose.  When we were there we got our stuff and went to go sit down on the outside patio they have.  It is really beautiful and you get a great view of the delicious restaurants across the street.  The only blemish is that most of their tables aren’t that stable. They wobble a lot.  But I’m ok with that because  the food is just yummy.  There really is no other better way to describe it.  The creamy texture with the sweet taste – it just makes your mouth water just thinking about it.  My stomach was grumbling and my taste buds were craving good food and this was a perfect treat in the afternoon to solve these problems. Mmmmmm!

I definitely suggest you come here.  You can go to Kay n Daves for dinner and then walk across the street to go to Sweet Rose and then you could even go to A Votre Sante or the cafe next door if you want coffee or tea.  I have your whole meal planned out!  So try Sweet Rose.  You won’t regret it.

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  • Pam Kingsley
    April 15, 2018 8:11 am

    Hot, sunny weather? Delicious ice cream eaten outside? I’m so jealous!
    Weather in KC today? Temp high in 30s with light snow!
    Okay, it’s unseasonably cold and it’s affecting millions all over the Midwest, but I take this personally!
    Mother Nature is like that barber — cutting it too close for comfort!

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