Roasted potatoes make for a good celebration brunch

This past weekend it was my birthday and I don’t really have birthday parties anymore so I decided to have a birthday brunch with two grandmothers, a grandpa and my aunt in Sherman Oaks.  I requested pancakes, eggs, fruit, and the most delicious roasted potatoes and vegetable mix you’ll ever see (or taste thanks to this blog post).  

My birthday brunch wasn’t actually on my birthday, it was the day afterward.  I opened some cards I got on that day though, and got a remote control helicopter, some gift certificates,a LeBron James shirt and this super cool gift where there is a box, and in the box there is a bullseye.  And if you get the ball under the bullseye, the flap releases and you win the money.  In our case, it took us like half an hour!

Now I like potatoes and all, they are really good and I love eating them, but I wouldn’t say I am absolutely obsessed with them.  For my brother Henry, though, it is a different story.  Potatoes are the food he would take on a dessert island with him.  Any type of potatoes.  Anywhere with potatoes.  If you’ve ever seen these commercials lately where it is like, “nothing comes before coffee” well, for my brother, it’s like nothing comes before potatoes.  If you haven’t seen the commercial, search for it on youtube as you might like it.

Well, all my relatives arrived and we ate brunch and opened presents and ate cake.  It was fun, and I ate two servings of the roasted potatoes.  With the crunchy outside and savory inside, this food, makes a prefect brunch special.  If you ever have a birthday brunch, makes sure to try this potato recipe.  Its easy and finger licking good!

The recipe is super easy.  Basically all you do is cube the potatoes.  You don’t even have to peel them.  Then you put them in a pan with some oil and bake them at 425 until they are crisp.  While you are baking them dice and then sauté some onion and red bell pepper and mix them in with the cooking potatoes.  Gobble these down and let your tummy be incredibly grateful to you.

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